PubliAct is an initiative to create a functional online workflow tool for the publication of a magazine. The system will provide you with the tools needed to direct your magazine from the very start start to its publication in various media (e.a. print, web, or device). Through this tool you will be able to organize and manage your workflow, as well as stages of the content that is created for a publication. It provides insight throughout the process of publication.

Target Audience
PubliAct is designed with the focus on non-professional publishing teams who do need to publish magazines on a (semi-)regular basis.
What will it do
Primarily it will allow you to manage the workflow of a small editorial group, giving you the ability to centralize artical content, feedback, and any discussion in a single place. Bundling all related texts and making them easily accessible.
PubliAct will also allow you different ways of displaying your content. You will be able to bundle a document and hand it over to a designer (DTPer), or transfer it to an iPad, website, or other digital media. This allows you to have an offsite endpoint.
Current state of development
At this moment we (VDMi) are designing the structure and concept of PubliAct. The vision is to build a Drupal ( based distribution that provides these functionalities and is adaptable to the varying needs of organizations. We are in constant contact with a publishing organization to find out about the workflow challenges that exist, and design as required. The goal is a well developed Proof of Concept version that will allow other organizations to get a clear impression of what PubliAct is.
If you are interested in the development of PubliAct we encourage you to sign up for updates here.